Distinguished Housewives

Some women plan her entire life when she was 5. Me? At any point of my life, you’d find me running back and fro carrying other people’s expectations on my back, sweating myself over other people’s problems, working too hard pleasing everyone but me. Almost like a sickness. If my life were a movie, I’d be seeing myself drifted from one course of event to another, doing the best I know how, putting my heart into every single thing that I do.

I’m turning 40 in November. I want to stop this Coping Mode I’ve been doing all my life. I want to take control. I want me to work for me.

So, here we go:

I live in a rental full and filled with hand-me-downs and junks. I’m married to a man who, with the right stimuli, can be very handy. No children to keep me occupied. Who in the world came up with ‘Desperate Housewives’ for a title anyway? It makes housewifing–staying home to make a home and care for your family–such a lame thing to do.

[Rinda, focus please!]

A rental full and filled with hand-me-downs and junks.


Well, I can turn it into some sort of a museum of my family history, OR: a one-of-a-kind home. I can just sell the valuables and throw away the junks, OR: I can make the valuables available for rent and create with the junks, adding it some values before selling it. Who knows, in 3-5 years, I might be able to build a brand. House of Cast-Offs. Wow!

I’ve been doing some research to provide myself with some proof that it can be done; that housewives can do amazing things with their home and their staying-home time. These are the coolest housewives (or homemakers or stay-home moms or whatever you want to name them) on Earth.

Anita of Anita Far Above Rubies; is my personal favorite. She has the most beautiful home and runs an Etsy store. She really takes her love for vintage and handmade to the next level. It’s like everything she touches turns into gold. Without leaving her home too!


I think I’m obsessed over turning something old into something new. When other women get excited over shopping, I get excited over restoring, upcycling and repurposing. Call me weird. So, when I saw the home of Mandi of Vintage Revivals featured in Better Homes And Gardens, I visited the blog right away and couldn’t help to admire her passion. I envy her and especially Donna’s Funky Junk daring personality and handy skills.

I’m repeatedly drawn to one-of-a-kind looks; looks that you can’t shop for. It’s love at first sight with Karianne’s of Thistlewood Farm style. I can’t tell what style is hers. It doesn’t look vintage to me. She probably buys her items new but she has such a signature style you can’t copy the looks she creates with her home. Well, I know I can’t. She’s awesome but having difficulties to believe that she is. Another reason to love her even more. Don’t we love humble personalities with awesome talent and skill?

There are other fantastic housewives out there, blogger and non-bloggers. Ones that argue with ‘Desperate Housewives’. Like Anita of Live Like You Are Rich whom I think is doing a great job on frugal lifestyle. The only reason I’m particularly interested in home styling and decorating and build a business out of it is that: a home is a family’s pride, not only the lady’s of the house. It boosts her and her loved ones’ self-esteem; more than the food she cooks, the fashion she wears or the beauty in her appearance. To be able to make money from loving your home is such a treat!

Okay, I’m a nest-loving freak.

I want my home to have one-of-a-kind look, stylishly decorated with all the hand-me-downs. As for the junks? I want to run a homestore, selling unique items I made out of those junks.

Is it too much to work for?

8 thoughts on “Distinguished Housewives

    1. Thank you, Sam. I can never hear enough of encouraging words. Is it just me or does everyone feel the same way about positive feedback? I mean I’ve been struggling for a (healthy) self-esteem for as long as I can remember. Thank you!

  1. Your self esteem, is all about you. Loving yourself for who you are. Loving yourself for what you do. Loving yourself because you are YOU, you are whomever you want to be. Not who or what you think other people want you to be; Embrace yourself.

    1. Aku nggak tahu, Tika. Orientasiku di dunia online pelan-pelan mulai geser dari belajar ke punya penghasilan. Mungkin suatu hari harus ninggal content keuangan IRT ini untuk fokus di content belajar bahasa Inggris secara mandiri yang jauh lebih prospektif. Aku nggak sanggup kalau harus ngopeni dua blog.

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