The Power of Goal Setting (The Script)

Hi. I’m Craig Ballantyne, editor of Early to Rise. This is the second video in our series exploring The New American Dream. In this video it’s time to pull up our sleeves and get down to business. In a minute you’ll learn the uncanny story of how one specific goal that I set in 2003 finally became a reality this year. But first I want to introduce you to the concept of having only two main goals for your business.

I learn this concept from one of my favorite business books, Mastering The Rockefeller Habits by Verne HarnishThis isn’t one of those business books that would be better off as a simple five-page magazine article. This set is full of exercises and systems of building your business plan and communication life processes.

One of the biggest lesson from the book in term of planning your business is to focus on just one long term and one short term goal. Specifically you should have a 10-year vision for your business and every action you take should be congruent with moving your business toward that destination. Your short term goal is your 90-day plan to focus on this business core. You don’t need to make one and two-year plan because those will change too much. All you need is that crystal clear long term vision to guide your decisions. So figuring out where you want to be in the long term to identify what you need to do in the short term and start moving toward that vision.

If you have the vision, everything between the 90-day and 10-year vision will take care of itself. You can weigh every decision by thinking “Will this get me closer to my 10-year vision?” If not, then don’t take action on it. For your 90-day goal, identify the number one priority in your business and make that your goal for the next quarter. Do you need to get your product done? If so, then start blocking your time for that task. Do you need more traffic to your website? If yes, then devote your resources to improve one area of your business and don’t do anything else. Settle on that one goal and make it your priority for the next 90 days. So you can see that your 90-day goal will change based on the current priority of your business but your long term vision won’t change much at all. And that’s been very true to me.

I want to tell you about my amazing goal-setting story that allow a dream to come true to me. Back when I start reading Early to Rise as a young fitness trainer in 2001 I was immediately hooked on the incredible advice and opportunity that it showed me. At the time I have been publishing my own fitness newsletter for a few years. And not only did I look forward to learning from Early to Rise everyday, but I also begin to realize that I want to be part of this great service. And perhaps even have my own business like this someday. I just wasn’t sure of how to accomplish this.

A few years later when I hired my first business coach, the very first question he asked in our first conversation literally change my life. He said, “Where do you want to go with your business?” And I replied, “I want to have something like Early to Rise.” He was the first person I had shared my vision with. By doing that, by getting it out to the world, I truly believe it started the events in motion that would ultimately lead to this vision coming true.

A couple of years went by and I was slowly building my own version of Early to Rise. I finally start teaching others how to build their own web-based business, but I was doing this independently. Then late in 2010 I was on an adventure trip. One of my traveling partners was my friend Matt Smith. We’re stuck in a Tucsan airport. Our conversation turned to my goals. And as I did with my first coach I told Matt that I wanted to have a business like the Early to Rise that I grew up with.

Couple of months later Matt and I formed a business partnership and a few changed inside what I created and it seems like we’re moving in the right direction only we did independently. Then one day I was out visiting my parents’ farm and I received the strange e-mail from Matt. In it he suggested the possibility of running Early to Rise. Yes, the Early to Rise, the service that has changed my life and the lives of hundreds of thousand other people. Our mentor, Michael Masterson, was ready to move on and is looking for someone to take over the duties and to continue the Early to Rise magazine.

That’s how my dream came to be. By having a vision, by sharing it to the world, by never giving up on something that matter to me, I was not only able to achieve something similar to my vision but to achieve the exact vision I had over the years. It’s a story that still amazes me every time I told it. So get a blank piece of paper right now and let’s start working on your vision.

What do you want your life to be like in 10 years from now? What type of business or secondary income do you want to build? Be as specific as possible. Don’t hold anything back. And keep that paper so you can review it every week as a reminder of what you should be working toward and guide the decisions you made. In addition, look forward to the next 90 days and identify the number one priority in your business that you need to work on. Start developing a strategy for working on this. Who do you need to contact? What do you need to learn? And what do you need to do to start solving this problem? Those are the two biggest goal you need to work on. That’s it. Get those done and you will be well on your way to achieving your American Dream.

In the next video we’re gonna completely change things up and dive in the very personal daily habit that I have and do everyday. It’s an intimate look at three things you can give a few minutes each day that will have a tremendous impact on your success and give you a life well-lived.

Until then, we’d love to hear from you about your goals in the comment section below. Don’t be shy. Remember if I hadn’t shared my big goals with my business coaches and the people in my network, I wouldn’t be standing here. Sharing your goals with other positive people will help bring them about faster. Get your goals out there and attract people in your life will help make them a reality.

(Source: Early to Rise via YouTube)